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Flexible Options for Renting Office Space

Prior to COVID, we would rent office space by the hour. Many of our clients were students from UConn and Eastern Connecticut State University who needed a quiet place to study or psychotherapists who worked a few evenings a week. COVID, of course, has turned all of our lives upside down and we have changed our model to try to address all of our changed circumstances. We know many people are struggling to rearrange their homes to accommodate the needs of adults working at home and children attending school from home.

We imagine that having one day a week where parents, college students living at home and other children attending school from home could get out of the house and have a guaranteed quiet space to work, study or meet with clients would be very helpful. Our new workspace rental model accommodates this need. Our offices are available by the day, and we allow people to share a lease or sublet. For example, if two families or individuals chose to share Office 2 on Fridays, they could share the cost and divide the days between them. The total cost would be just $200/month.

We know that many real estate agents and other independent professionals have discontinued their leases for office space, but could still use one or two days a week to meet with clients or just not work at home. The same is true for other professionals who work for corporations that no longer provide an office or for employees who don’t feel comfortable going back to a large office building.

If you have questions about our flexible options for renting office space by the hour, by the day or sharing a lease, please contact us.

We support local artists and our waiting room currently displays a collection of paintings by Scott Rhodes. On our walls, you will find pictures of Coventry, CT taken about 100 years ago.