Check out our offices below. All offices include use of the waiting room, and the kitchenette, including a refrigerator in the basement. WiFi, printer and fax machine, all utilities, and a weekly cleaning are included in the monthly rent. We have space available in the storage closet for daily renters so you don’t have to bring your “stuff’ back and forth every week if you don’t want to. The possibility of storing larger equipment or a file cabinet in the basement is also open for discussion. 



This is our largest office and it has it’s own entrance. It is available for $1,000/month.



This office is rented every Mondays and Wednesday by Chastity Pimental LCSW and every Tuesday and Thursday by Rita Amodeo LCSW. It is available for the full day on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and before noon on Mondays and Wednesdays. If you’d like to reserve it for yourself one day a week with a one year lease, it is $200/month for Friday and $150/ month for Saturday or Sunday. We do permit subletting or sharing a lease.



This office was used as a therapist’s office before COVID, but it is not large enough to safely meet with clients at this time. It is ideal for someone who wants a quiet space to work or study by themselves. It is available for “daily” rental, like Office 2. If you want it for a weekday, it is $125/month for the weekdays, and $100/month for the weekends, with a one year lease. Wednesday is already taken. Again, it is ok to share the lease or sublet.



This office belongs to Maurice Lapointe, LMFT. He works with couples, individuals and families. He offers both online and in person appointments. Maurice can be reached at 860-428-4470. 



This office is the relaxing and tranquil sanctuary of Lauren Fields and Mariclare Cole, both licensed massage therapists. Mariclare can be reached at or call or text her at 860-634-0502 to schedule an appointment. 



This office is available for $700/month. It has a little bump out that is just right for a desk. This office features a 5 shelf built in bookcase.